Performance of a Continuous Flow Solar Drying System

Kamaruddin Abdullah, Uyun A.S., Chan Y.


A continuous flow hybrid ICDC (Integrated Solar-collector-Drying Chamber) solar dryer has been designed and constructed. The proposed dryer then was tested using rough rice with different loading quantity under outdoor conditions. The unique feature of this solar dryer is that it can dry the products simultaneously in three locations within the dryer, namely, within the pneumatic conveyor, within the collector-drying chamber, and above a feed hopper. Experimental results have shown that electric power requirement to transport between 0.5 – 0.7 tons/hr., of rough rice from the feed hopper to the drying chamber was between 500 – 600 W and equivalent to 0.87 W/kg/hr-0.89 W/kg/hr.


pneumatic conveyor, power requirement, rough rice, solar drying, solid-gas pressure drop, specific energy

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