Assessment Parameters for Coal-Fired Generation Plant Site Selection

Ahmad Rosly Abbas, Low K. S., Ir. Mohd Noh Ahmad, Chan, J. H., Sasekumar, A., Fauza Abdul Ghaffar, Kharulmaini Osman Salleh, John K. R., Abdul Yamin Saad, Wan Aida Wan Zahari, Phua, Y. T., Phua, Y. N., Wong, Y. Y., Ir. Mashitah Jamaludin, Mohd Nor Mohammed, Shaari Jaafar, Phoon Hee Yau


In order to meet future demand for electricity, Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) is committedto the long-term strategic planning in locating suitable sites for future development of power stations.Site selection is an important process in the early planning stage of any power plant development asit will have significant implications on the capital investment, operational as well as the environmentand socio-economic costs of the power plant.The aim of this presentation is to briefly describe the ten (10) main assessment parametershaving the most profound effects on the selection of potential coal-fired generation plant sites.These assessment parameters were derived based on a survey of approximately 40 experts, comprisingfrom various specialists such as engineers from TNB, senior officers from Department Of EnvironmentMalaysia (DOE), scientist from University Malaya (UM) and a number of other independentconsultants.

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