Experimental Studies on Performance and Emission Characteristics of Diesel Engine Fuelled with Neem Oil Methyl Ester Blends

Gopinath D., E. Ganapathy Sundaram


The world energy supply for transportation sector mainly depends on fossil liquid fuels and 90% of these fuels are utilized for energy generation and transportation. Fossil fuel availability is limited and its use increases the environmental pollution. Hence there is a need to find out an alternate fuel which will be available in a sustainable form and would also reduce environmental pollution.  Bio-fuel is a good option to meet these requirements. In this view studies pertaining to the use of Neem Oil Methyl Ester (NOME) as an energy source for internal combustion engine has been taken. This paper presents the performance, emission and combustion characteristics result obtained from the experimental study on the NOME – diesel blends in a single cylinder stationary diesel engine. The 20% and 30% blends are used and the study found that 20% blends gives better performance and lower emissions compared to diesel and B30 blend.


Alternate fuel, bio-diesel, emissions, neem oil methyl ester, heat release rate

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