Experimental Analysis of Double Glazed Flat Plate Solar Water Heater with Various Absorber Plate Geometries

J. Manikandan, B. Sivaraman


A study was undergone to assess the performance of  double glazed solar flat plate water heater subjected with different geometries of absorber plates namely flat plate, v-grooved and square pulse, were experimentally investigated. Mild steel plate of 1.42 x 0.7 m2 size was employed as absorber plates. Two glass plates of similar size were used to protect the absorber plate from heat loss to atmosphere. Performance of double glazed solar water heater for various geometries and at different mass flow rate (0.0041, 0.0083, 0.0125 kg/s) were investigated and reported.  Thermal efficiency is found to be higher for double glazed flat absorber plate when compared to v-grooved and square pulse plates.


Double glazed solar water heater, flat plate, mild steel plate, square pulse, v-grooved

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