Effect of Different Parameters and Variables on the Cost of Hydrogen Produced from Biomass Using Gasification Plants of Low to Medium Thermal Capacity

V. Sharma, G. Braccio, D. Matera, M. Gamberale, V. Addabbo


Economic analysis has been conducted to investigate the effect of different parameters and variables on the cost of hydrogen produced using low to medium capacity gasification plants. Three different plants of 1.3 MW (pilot-scale bubbling fluidised bed air gasification plant realised by ENEA) and its simulated scale-up of 10 MW and 20 MW, have been analysed. Results obtained from the comparison between use of traditional fossil fuels and hydrogen produced from biomass (in the transport sector), are presented. It has been observed that the values, no doubt, bit high compared to the energetic cost of conventional fossil fuels still appear to be interesting, especially in the free-tax situation.


biomass resource, gasification, hydrogen production, and economic analysis

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