Microgrid State Estimation and Control Using Kalman Filter and Semidefinite Programming Technique

Md Masud Rana, Li Li, Steven W. Su


The design of environment-friendly microgrids at the smart distribution level requires a stable behaviour for multiple state operations. This paper develops a Kalman filter based optimal feedback control method for the microgrid state estimation and stabilization. First, the microgrid is modelled by a discrete-time state space equation. Then the cost-effective smart sensors are deployed in order to obtain the required system information. From the communication point of view, the recursive systematic convolution code is adopted to add the redundancy in the system. At the end, the soft output Viterbi decoder is used to recover the system information from the noisy measurements and transmission uncertainties. Thereafter, the Kalman filter is utilized to estimate the system states, which acts as a precursor for applying the control algorithm. Finally, this paper proposes an optimal feedback control method to stabilize the microgrid based on semidefinite programming. The performance of the proposed approach is demonstrated by extensive numerical simulations.


Kalman filter, optimal feedback control, renewable microgrid, semidefinite programming, smart grid

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