Characterization and Flow Behaviour of Sandbox (Hura crepitans Linn) Seed Oil and its Methyl Esters

Solomon O. Giwa, Kayode Adama, Collins N. Nwaokocha, Olorunfunmi I. Solana


In this study, sandbox seed (Hura crepitans Linn) oil methyl ester (SSOME) was synthesized from Sandbox seed oil (SSO) using the classical reaction parameters (reaction time of 1 h, reaction temperature of 60°C, oil/methanol ratio of 1:6) with a yield of 82.73 ± 0.53%. The fuel properties of SSOME were determined based on standards. In addition, the flow behavior of SSO and SSOME was studied using a rheometer with shear rate range of 0-250 s-1 at 25, 40 and 55°C. The result showed that the fuel properties were found to satisfy recommended EN 14214 and ASTM D6751 specifications, expect for the oxidation stability. It was also observed that both SSO and SSOME exhibited pseudo plastic flow behavior at low shear rate (0-140s-1) and they also displayed Newtonian flow behavior at shear rate range of 140-250 s-1, all at 25, 40 and 55°C. This study reveals that the flow behaviors of SSO remains unchanged by transesterification process and those of SSO and SSOME are also not altered by increasing shear stress. With similar fatty acid profile and fuel properties to those of soybean and sunflower oils, SSO appears a potential feedstock for biodiesel production.


Flow behaviour, fuel properties, methyl esters, oil, sandbox

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