Small Scale Power Generationusing a Dual Fuel System

Talal F. Yusaf, Mushtak Talib Ali Al-Atabi, D. R. Buttsworth


Single-cylinder diesel engines are widely utilized in Malaysia to generate electricity on smallscales in open markets and rural areas. This paper presents a brief study carried out to:(i) understand the nature of exhaust emissions (NOx , CO and CO2 ) when adopting a dual fuel systemusing Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) in a single-cylinder, stationary diesel engine, and (ii) comparethe dual fuel emission and engine performance results to those of diesel. The use of CNG is considereda possible solution for reducing the toxic emissions from these engines. This work shows that by usingthe dual fuel system, NOx , CO and CO2 concentrations in the exhaust gases were, on average, reducedby 54%, 59% and 31%, respectively when the engine runs at maximum-load operating conditions.The average power output from the engine operating on dual fuel was 10% higher than that operatingon diesel over the tested range of engine speeds.

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