Load Distribution of Heat Source in Production of Heat and Electricity

Pavel Navratil, Libor Pekar, Jindrich Klapka


The economic control of the subsystem of heat energy production consists both in economical distribution of load between individual cooperating sources inclusive of economical distribution of load between individual production units inside the sources, for so called operational variant in the source, and further also in determining suitable operational structure of cooperating sources and in determining suitable economically based starting and stopping production units or possibly also the complete sources. The aim of the paper is description one of solution of optimal distribution of load between cooperating production units in the source of heat to optimization of production of heat and electricity. It is created of non-linear mathematical model of heat source for production of heat and electricity. It was used historical and modified data, from the heat and power plant Brno, to creation the mathematical model. The mathematical model is used to determination of load distribution of individual production units and further to determination of the so called dependent and independent electricity that is produced by individual turbo-generator. Described problem of optimization is solved via chosen method of optimization.


heat and electricity; mathematical model; optimization; production unit; turbine

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