Effect of Ambient Temperature and Wind Speed on Performance Ratio of Polycrystalline Solar Photovoltaic Module: an Experimental Analysis

Subhash Chandra, Sanjay Agrawal, D.S. Chauhan


Generation of electricity by clean development mechanism is the key area for researchers, many countries of the world has already shifted towards green energy. Energy is the key factor for the growth of any country. Per capita energy consumption is the significance of the progress of any nation. Recently the penetration of photovoltaic systems has increased to generate the electricity at grid or local level. Although this technology has improved a lot however the performance of these systems is site dependent, which is affected by various environmental parameters like radiation, temperature and wind. An experiment is conducted in laboratory of GLA University, Mathura, India (hot and dry climate zone of India) to emphasis especially on wind effect. Two PV modules of same electrical and mechanical specifications are taken for experiment. To conduct experiment; different months of a year from various seasons are chosen. It has been observed that increased module temperature reduces performance but the cooling mechanism provided bring down the module temperature due to which a net energy gain is 7.69% in considered time. Performance measure indices i.e. PR is improved by 7.14%.


ambient temperature; energy; performance ratio; photovoltaic solar cells; wind speed

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