An Improved Method for Dynamic Voltage Collapse Prediction in Power System

Muhammad Nizam, Azah Mohamed, Aini Hussain


This paper presents an improved method for predicting dynamic voltage collapse in power systems bydeveloping the power transfer stability index. The generator governor and excitation dynamics, induction motor andunder load tap changer are considered in the simulation process.  Time domain simulations using the PSAT softwareprogram has been carried out in this work. Several contingencies have also been considered in the simulationsincluding real and reactive power  load increase, line outage and generator outage. The proposed PTSI index has beeninvestigated for its applicability in indicating proximity to voltage collapse.  The performance of the index was testedusing the thirty nine-bus test system and studied under various operating conditions.  Simulation test results prove thatthe proposed PTSI index gives a better prediction of dynamic voltage collapse compared to the voltage collapseprediction index.


Dynamics, voltage collapse, time domain simulation, voltage stability

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