Benefits from the Comprehensive Planning of the High and Medium Voltage Network

Tirinya Cheumchit


Nowadays, the reconstruction of existing electricity networks plays an important role. The main objectives are to offer an adequate quality of power supply and to minimize the costs of aspired final-state networks, which are developed in the long- term network planning. Due to the complexity, the state-of-the-art network planning is, on the one side, separated in the long- term network planning and the expansion network planning, and is, on the other side, separated in each voltage level - e.g. the high voltage (HV) or medium voltage (MV). Regarding the voltage level, an additional benefit of the voltage comprehensive planning has not been estimated yet. Therefore, this research is done by comparing the long- term network planning results in terms of costs and the quality of power supply from both planning procedures, which are the separate planning and the comprehensive planning of HV and MV networks. Furthermore, the benefit of the voltage comprehensive planning is evaluated, and general statements regarding this planning type are made.


Long-term network planning, Voltage comprehensive planning, Distribution networks, Technical restrictions

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