Evaluation on the Performance and the NOx Emission of IGCC Power Plant Integrated with Air Separations Unit

Chan Lee, Seung Jong Lee


Thermodynamic simulation method is developed and applied to analyze the performance and the NOx emission characteristics of the IGCC(Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle) power plants coupled with ASU(Air Separation Unit). Simulations on IGCC power plants are made through combining the chemical process models for gasification and gas clean-up and the thermodynamic combined cycle model with NOx prediction capability. With coal or heavy residue oil as feedstock of IGCC, the present study investigates and compares the power output, the overall efficiency and the NOx emission characteristics of various IGCC plants at different ASU integration conditions in order to give the design criteria for efficient and environmental friendly IGCC configuration.


ASU Integration, Air Extraction, Nitrogen Dilution, NOx Emission

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