Generating Electrical Energy from Landfill Gas: an Italian Experience

P. Pierpaoli, A. Diotallevi


The present paper describes an electrical energy generation system that uses the methane gas produced by the biological processes at a controlled landfill as a source of primary energy; this installation is situated in Cà Asprete, in the municipality of Tavullia (Pesaro-Urbino), Italy, approximately 10 km from the town of Pesaro. The plant was officially opened in December 1998. The analysis of the plant begins with a brief description of the systems for extracting the biogas from the body of the landfill and for treating the biogas, and of the electromechanical equipment used to convert said fuel into electrical energy, concluding with the automated system for managing the plant. From the functional standpoint, the biogas plant was analyzed in its three main sections:· biogas collection-aspiration;· treatment and analysis;· conversion into electrical energy. The biogas collected is used to fuel two internal combustion engines coupled to two electrical generators, but before it is used at the power plant it is analyzed and treated to improve its quality and consequent energy efficiency.


Renewable energy, Landfill gas, Electrical energy

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