Integration of Renewable Energy Distributed Generation and Battery Energy Storage in Radial Power Distribution System

Elifuraha Reuben Mmary, Boonruang Marungsri


In the modern world power system generation, transmission, distribution and its efficient usage defines the development of the country. In distribution system of an electrical network due to the influence of increased load demand, fluctuation of voltage profile and high power losses are to be focused indeed. To avoid these technical problems in power distribution network, renewable energy distributed generation (REDG) plays a vital role in the radial distribution system. However,hybrid optimization technique which combines artificial bee colony (ABC) and Cuckoo Search (ABC/CS) algorithm are recently techniques employed to solve multi-objective problems by considering both voltage magnitude and power factor constraints. The location found by voltage stability index (VSI) which validated by ABC and sizing of REDGs found by ABC/CSA. The analysis of the present research paper guide to installation of REDGs which lead to simultaneously reduction of both active and reactive power as multi-objective functions. Simulated results such as power losses of the system and cost of REDG, cost of energy losses validated in IEEE 33-nodes and 69-nodes systems and compared with other optimization techniques reviewed in the literature.


Artificial bee algorithm; CSA; hybrid ABC/CS; renewable energy DG; VSI

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