An Economic and Environmental Costs Computing Model of Consuming Abandoned Wind Power Heating

Weijun Wang, Haoyue Wang, Yong Sun, Wei Luo


While the wind energy resources of northern China are quite abundant, the abandoned wind rate keeps up at a high level due to the electric energy and heat coupling of the cogenerator during heating period. Consuming abandoned wind power heating facilitates degrading the abandoned wind power amount of northern China, developing consuming wind power ability and reducing the pollution. Whilst the economical efficiency of wind power heating is relatively poor due to the high construction costs, the pollutant discharge amount is low. The environmental costs are calculated, shifted into monetary costs, and then added with economic costs. The costs of consuming abandoned wind power heating include the decrement of the generation cost of wind power plant and the economic and environmental costs of thermal storage type electric heating. Taking the Environmental conservation of wind power and the decrement of the generation cost of wind power plant into consideration, not only the comparison between consuming abandoned wind power heating and cogeneration heating is more comprehensive and reasonable, but also the joint programming of wind power heating and traditional modes of heating.


consuming abandoned wind power heating; economic costs; environmental costs; thermal storage type electric heating

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