Wind Turbine Aerodynamic Characteristics in Wind Heating System

Lihua Cao, Bo Li, Tieliu Jiang, Zhongbin Zhang, Lidong Zhang


In this paper, the theory of aerodynamics and NACA series airfoil is used to analysis Darrieus type vertical axis wind turbine of wind heating system after setting up the relevant structure parameters. Through reasonable correction, the curve of wind energy utilization coefficient of wind turbine is obtained. According to the operating characteristics of wind turbine, the reliability of the wind energy heating system installed in certain area is analyzed. At the same time, the system configuration suggestions are put forward. Based on the curve of wind energy utilization coefficient, Description of variable speed operation of wind turbine will effectively improve the efficiency of wind energy utilization.


aerodynamic characteristics; NACA series airfoils; vertical axis wind turbine; wind energy heating system; wind energy utilization coefficient

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