Hybrid Solar/Diesel Power System Design for Electric Boat with MPPT System

Waleed Obaid, Abdul-Kadir Hamid, Chaouki Ghenai


This proposed design is a hybrid power system for electric boats using solar power from PV array combined with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) system and energy from a diesel generator. The main objective is obtaining continuous operation and stable speed for the electric boat regardless the time of the day and weather conditions changes that affect solar irradiance which is directly related to solar PV panel that charge the battery bank. The hybrid power system output is used to drive a three-phase asynchronous machine for the propulsion system of the electric boat. Switching between diesel and solar power depends on battery operation and measurements. The simulation results of the hybrid power system are presented using SIMULINK. The results will demonstrate the stable operational speed of the electric boat due to the continuous operation. The novelty of the proposed design over other hybrid solar/diesel electric boat system designs from the previous work is maintaining continuous operation and stable speed despite the variations in battery state of charge and solar irradiance level. Another advantage is maintaining stable operation without resulting in problems associated with power stability.


electric boat; hybrid system; maximum power point tracking; simulink; solar power

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