Optimal Power Dispatch Using Different Fuzzy Constraints in Power Systems

A.A. Abou El-Ela, M.A. Bishr, S.M. Allam, R.A. El-Sehiemy


This paper presents comparison studies between different fuzzy models to solve the fuzzy-based optimal power dispatch (OPD) problem. The proposed fuzzy-based OPD model handles fuzzy objectives and constraints and is aimed to obtain the optimal operational settings of system generation outputs. These settings minimize the total generation costs and at the same time guarantees that the power flows in critical lines are less than their maximum limit. The comparison studies are performed considering the changes in fuzzy constraints as membership models. The fuzzy constraints are modeled using two linear fuzzy models, namely triangular and trapezoidal models. Numerical studies are performed based on the fuzzy linear programming (FLP) optimization technique. These studies show that, the changes in membership models have a great effect in generation settings, elimination the overflows in the critical lines, and minimizing the total generation costs.


Fuzzy linear programming, linear fuzzy models, optimal power dispatch, transmission bending limits

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