Development and Dissemination of Solar Drying Systems in Nepal: Problems and Prospects

Chandra B. Joshi, Mohan B. Gewali


Dried foods are very popular in Nepal. They are consumed in different forms such as snacks, soups, boiled vegetables, curries, desserts, and chutneys. Recently dried agricultural products such as spices, beverages, and medicinal plants have found greater demand in the market. New efforts are being made to meet this demand and to maintain the quality of the products.


In this paper; the need of food conservation in the context of Nepalese socio-economic condition and the importance of dried foods for livelihood have been highlighted. Techniques conventionally used to produce dried products are briefly described. Efforts have been made to develop and disseminate improved solar drying systems and the achievements accomplished so far have been presented. The impact of government policy and the development works on local socio-economy has been assessed. Prospects of solar dryers in Nepal under various aspects have been reviewed. Barriers yet to be overcome and efforts still to be made to promote solar drying systems in a wider scale have been identified. Works carried out so far and the results obtained have given hope towards the upliftment of national socio-economy.

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