Development of Biogas in Nepal

Indira Shakya


The objective of this paper is to assess the development trend of biogas technology in Nepal and highlight its advantages at rural and national levels considering financil, social and environmental aspects. The roles of government institutions, NGOs and INGOs in promoting the technology are introduced. In this context, the Biogas Support Programme (BSP), under the Netherlands Development Organisation, initiated implemented and supported the biogas program in Nepal. Biogas plants are very profitable and hence popular in the country providing higher economic as well as financial returns and reducing burden on forest resource and fuelwood. Besides, the reliance on imported fossil fuel is also reduced remarkably. Despite is advantages and popularity, there are certain factors still deterring the technology from reaching the most needy. In order to make the system sustainable even in the absence of subsidy and affordable to the poorer section of the population, it is pertinent that proper R&D leading to cheaper technology and considerable reduction in the existing cost of the biogas plants, could help biogas sub-sector; especially in terms of demand.

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