Optimized Power Generation using Clustered Gravitational Search Algorithm

Banumalar Banumalar K., Manikandan Manikandan B.V.


In this paper, a new clustering algorithm based on gravitational search algorithm (CGSA) for solving unit commitment (UC) problem is proposed. The UC problem is a combinatorial optimization problem that minimizing quadratic objective function under system and unit constraints. The GSA is a recent introduced algorithm to solve optimization problem that inspired by Newtonian law of gravity.  A novel version of GSA, named Clustered-GSA (CGSA) is a flexible and well-balanced mechanism for enhancing exploration and exploitation abilities. The proposed algorithm is tested for standard 100 unit system, IEEE 118 bus system and practical Taiwan 38 bus power system. The effectiveness of proposed algorithm results are compared to those reported in the literature.


clustered gravitational search algorithm; gravitational search algorithm; operating cost; optimization; unit commitment problem

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