A Study of Biomass as a Source of Energy in China

Jiao Qingyu, He Yuan-bin, S.C. Bhattacharya, Mahen Sharma, Ghulam Qambar Amur


In China, the biomass energy consumption during the year 1993 is estimated as about 185 million tons oil equivalent (MTOE). The shares of agricultural residues, fuel wood and animal wastes in the total biomass use for energy were 57.5%, 39.2% and 3.2%, respectively. Annually about 213 MTOE of agricultural residues and about 200 billion kg of dry animal wastes could be potentially available as energy source. Most of the biomass energy (about 89% of the total) is consumed by cook stoves. The household sector alone accounts for about 94% of the total biomass energy consumption in the country. It has been projected that the fuel wood demand will reach about 89 MTOE in the year 2010, implying that fuel wood will remain an important source of energy in China in the foreseeable future.

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