Biomass as Energy Source in the Philippines

J.C. Elauria, R.E.T. Quejas, M.I. Cabrera, R.V. Liganor, S.C. Bhattacharya, N.L.J. Predicala


Total energy consumption in the Philippines in 1995 is estimated to be about 32.45 million tons oil equivalent (MTOE) in which share of biomass is about 11.5 MTOE or 35.45%. Shares of wood fuel, agricultural residues and charcoal in the total biomass use for energy were 57%, 39% and 0.04 %, respectively. Only about 20% of the potentially available biomass as a source of energy were used in 1995. Most of the biomass consumption (about 69%) were in the residential sector with cook stoves as the major end user.

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