A Study of Biomass as a Source of Energy in Vietnam

Tran Minh Khoa, S.C. Bhattacharya, Ghulam Qambar Amur


Biomass is a major source of energy in Vietnam. However, as in the case of most other developing countries, reliable estimates of biomass energy use in different economic sectors of Vietnam are not available. This paper presents the status of biomass energy in Vietnam including sectoral and end-use utilization of different biomass fuels by end-use technology. It is estimated that the total biomass consumption for energy was about 34.69 billion kg (13.34 MTOE) in the year 1991; this amounted to about 72.5% of the total primary energy consumption of the country. The share of fuel wood in the traditional energy supply is about 84%. The household sector is the major end-user and consumes 91.5% of the total biomass energy.

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