Islanding Operation among Solar Hybrid System and Grid-tied PV System in Buildings

Piyadanai Pachanapan, Phisut Apichayakul, Akaraphunt Vongkunghae, Sarintip Tantanee


The solar hybrid system which consists of photovoltaic (PV) and battery storage can provide electricity supply to the buildings both on-grid and off-grid conditions. To improve the uninterrupted operation, it is possible to integrate the grid-tied PV system, without the battery, with the solar hybrid system to enhance the power generation during islanding condition. However, many hybrid on/off grid inverters do not allow the other energy sources to charge the battery in the off-grid mode. A particular power curtailment control is then required for the grid-tied inverter to prevent the excessive power. In this work, the power curtailment controller with the combination of smart meter and solar irradiance sensor is introduced. The set-point of grid-tied inverter is automatically adjusted following the changes of load consumption and PV power. The performance of islanding operation among solar hybrid and grid-tied PV systems is examined based on a time-sweep power flow calculation on DIgSILENT PowerFactory software. It is shown that instead of using solar hybrid system alone, coupling with the grid-tied PV system can help increasing the efficiency of battery usage. Hence, this can extend the continued electricity supply to the building during the loss of grid voltage.


Grid-tied inverter; Hybrid inverter; Islanding operation; Power curtailment; Solar hybrid system

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