Experimental Design of Flywheel Rotor with a Flywheel Energy Storage System for Residential uses

Aphichit Semsri


Flywheel energy storage system is a system that can store energy while spinning at high speed. The shape and density of materials are important parameters for energy storage in flywheels. This research aims to design a flywheel in conical disc flywheel shape, compare it with thick rim flywheel with different shape factors, and evaluate the best application efficiency. The research starts with the use of flywheel geometry manipulation. After that, the researcher designs the experiment using multiple-time series design patterns in the test. Next, an experiment to evaluate the flywheel’s performance is conducted. When examining the time factor for flywheel energy storage, it is found that the conical disc flywheel has a time value of 180 seconds, whereas the thick rim flywheel has a time value of 120 seconds. At every test time, the conical disc flywheel has a faster rotational speed than the thick rim flywheel. When considering the electromotive force aspect, the speed is suitable for practical application at speeds from 1,000-1,495 rpm at a time value of 0-15 s. At the same time, it is discovered that the electromotive force produced by the conical disc flywheel generator is higher than that of the thick rim flywheel generator. In conclusion, the results show that the conical disc flywheel performs better than the thick rim flywheel in all factors. The important variables affecting the function of the flywheels are kinetic energy, angular velocity, shape factor and energy density.


Design of flywheel; Experiment design; Flywheel energy storage system; Geometry; Kinetic energy

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