Testing Woodfuel Stoves Available in the Market in Cambodia

S.J. Batchelor


This article describes the results of the first phase of a planned dissemination of wood fuel stoves in Prey Veng District, Cambodia. The lack of wood fuel was articulated as a medium priority need within the context of a community development program – Agriculture Business and Community Development (ABCD), Christian Outreach (UK NGO). In order to preposition an informed response to future requests for action, the ABCD program undertook a series of in situ tests of wood fuel stoves. Only stoves found within Cambodia were tested. The article presents the results of 11 stoves, two of which are designed for the combustion of rice husks. The tests indicated comparative wood consumption for the different stoves, including a control of a three stone fire. Management of the combustion process was shown to be a critical factor when dealing with some stoves. As expected the Thai stove and many others was marginal. In conclusion the paper suggests that given the Khmer way of cooking, almost any of the tested stoves could give about a 25% saving over the three stone fire (currently in popular use at the moment), although much depends on the management of the cooking process. No stoves are made within the District of Prey Veng, and the next phase of the program is to start local manufacture of the Thai Stove.

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