Air Solar Collectors with Baffles: Aerodynamics, Heat Transfer and Efficiency

R. Ben Slama, M. Bouabdallah, J.C. Mora


The paper presents the student on different air collectors with different-flow patterns. The use of baffles creates the turbulence of the hot air carrier and thus increases the collector’s efficiency. The diverse types of air collectors are principally those for which air passes above or below the absorber, or at first above then below. The contribution of this study in the field of air solar collectors based on assumed flows. Smaller baffles create weak turbulence. The gain in efficiency compared to collectors without baffles is about 25 %. The bigger transversal baffle occupies 72 % of the collector’s width. Combined with smaller baffles, placed longitudinally, this gives a meandering flow and promotes turbulence. Thus the efficiency is increased by approximately 60 % compared to collectors without baffles.

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