Actual Usage Conditions and EnergyConsumption of Refrigerator-Freezers

Saidur R., Masjuki H.H., Eow K. F., Jamaluddi M.Y.


About 19% of the total electricity production is consumed in the residential sector and thisfraction is expected to grow in future. Air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and otherappliances are significant energy users in this sector. In this paper, the energy consumption andinternal cabinet temperatures of 30 domestic refrigerators have been monitored to give an overviewof the usage pattern of this appliance in Malaysian households. A questionnaire was designed to getrelevant information regarding the usage of this appliance in the actual kitchen environment as well.This information is paramount in shaping or implementing a program that would get more supportfrom users. The statistical analysis such as clustering and segmentation were manipulated and utilizedin order to show the influence of the usage conditions on the temperature. The paper also calculatedenergy, bill savings and associated emission reductions by replacing an old inefficient refrigeratorwith a new efficient one.


Energy Consumption, Refrigerator-Freezers, Clustering, Segmentation, Usage Behaviors.

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