Power Flow Solution for Balanced Radial Distribution Networks: A New Approach

R. Dharmasa, C. Radhakrishna, H.S. Jain


This paper presents an efficient power flow solution method to analyze balanced radial distribution networks having high R/X ratio by using Tellegen’s theorem (TT) and Kirchhoff’s laws. A set of iterative power flow equations has been proposed at the computational stage to find more accurate value of injected current from the upstream at each node of a network. A computer program has been developed with the help of MATLAB Ver 7.0. The results obtained exhibit a better rate of convergence when compared to the existing backward-forward methods of   power flow solution for various balanced radial distribution networks. The proposed method has a flexibility to extend for 3-phase networks also.


Backward-forward sweep, distribution network, injected power, and radial.

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