Energy Management through Encapsulated PCM Based Storage System for Large Building Air Conditioning Application

R. Velraj, M. Cheralathan, S. Renganarayanan


A detailed study done on the phase change material based cool thermal energy storage (CTES) system integrated with a large building air conditioning system is presented in this paper. The major focus of this study is to provide the technical information about the encapsulated phase change material (PCM) based storage system for air conditioning application and the importance of careful design load calculation. The economic benefits of load shift operations are highlighted. It has been found that the PCM based storage system reduces the monthly demand charges of INR 1.2 million. It is also estimated that cost saving of INR 2.26 million per annum through energy management by scheduling the chiller operation.


Building air conditioning, Cool storage, Demand side management, Encapsulated storage.

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