Fast Tuning Procedures for Emergency Controls Using Eigenvalue Computations

G. Zhao, V. Venkatasubramanian


In this paper, we propose a novel method for tuning the amount of generation tripping thatwould be used in conjunction with remedial action schemes (RAS) or special protection schemes.The method is motivated by the concept of unstable limit cycles and it utilizes fast eigenvaluecomputations. Unstable limit cycles play a crucial role in determining the transient stability marginsof the power systems with weak interarea oscillatory modes. The western American power systemWECC is an example where the transient stability is closely related to the existence of unstable limitcycles under certain operating conditions. For these systems, fast computational procedures basedon estimation of the damping of the interarea modes, can be used for assessing the RAS generationtripping amounts. Eigenvalue based rules are presented in the paper and the results are illustratedon simulations of the phenomena in the standard Kundur two area test system which exhibits aninterarea oscillatory mode.

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