Oscillation Reduction Method of Shaft Torque Which is Associated with InstantaneousVoltage Drop for Private Generation System

A. Okazaki, G. Fujita, T. Nakano, K. Koyanagi, T. Funabashi, R. Yokoyama, T. Kakinoki


In this paper, the oscillation of terminal voltage, which are affected by fault of power systemand so on, brings about the oscillation of the shaft torque of gas-turbine generator, therefore, thepurpose of this study is to restrain the oscillation of the shaft torque with the shaft excitation controlusing torsional torque control device.Since it is difficult to carry out this study using an actual non-utility generation equipment,numerical simulation is performed with a model of the non-utility generation equipment made inMATLAB/SIMULINK. The average torsional torque is used to evaluate the shaft torsional torque incase of on and off for the shaft torsional control.

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