A Comprehensive Framework for Analysing Long-term Energy Scenarios for Thailand

Srichattra Chaivongvilan, Deepak Sharma


Energy is one of the most critical ingredients for economic development and prosperity of any nation. It is more so for a developing country like Thailand where energy is critically needed in order to realize the economic growth aspirations of the country. The task of providing adequate and reliable energy has however emerged as a challenging policy issue for Thailand, particularly when viewed in the context of the evolving socio-economic dynamics of the country, typified by an energy sector that is in the throes of reform, resource scarcity, energy dependence, industrial development and high economic growth. In order, therefore, to satisfy the expected energy requirements and sustain economic prosperity, effective national energy policies would be needed. A review of the existing energy policies suggests that these policies are somewhat narrow, fragmented and insular. They therefore are unlikely to be able to satisfactorily meet the energy needs of Thailand. This deficiency could however – this paper contends – be overcome by taking a fresher perspective on the nature of policy challenges and strategies to redress them. Such a perspective, this paper further argues, could be assisted by adopting a comprehensive framework that could accommodate the specificities of Thailand while integrating the technical, economic, environmental and political dimensions of the energy sector in a cohesive and consistent manner. This paper is an early attempt at developing such a framework.


Energy frameworks, energy system, long-term, scenarios, Thailand

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