Condition Based Monitoring Concept for Transformers and Other Network Components Using a Web-Based Application

Jouni Pylv?n?inen, Sauli Antila, Kirsi Nousiainen, Petri Trygg


In this paper hot spot temperature monitoring and cumulative life consumption calculationmethods for transformers are shortly presented. The methods can be utilized e.g. for condition-basedmaintenance. Methods are based on the simple calculation of winding hot-spot temperature andcumulative life consumption of a transformer using the load and temperature data provided bydifferent metering devices. Methods are inexpensive and simple for monitoring the ageing and thedegree of utilization of transformers and can be used with both oil-immersed and dry-typetransformers.

The studied methods are integrated in a Web-based pilot application. The measurementsystem consists of power quality meters, their remote reading software, database server, web serverand client (i.e. web browser). The application can be used e.g. to optimise the time-period betweenplanned maintenance actions and to control the loading and rating of transformers based on theproper data available from the network.

The concept can be utilized for condition based maintenance (CBM) also in a wider scale.It could offer huge benefits by giving more information of the critical network components withoutany extra measurements. The proposed extensive condition monitoring concept could be implementedas ASP -service to present information for customers, subcontractors and the utility itself.

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