Journal: Call for Papers for: Bangabandhu Chair Special Issue

Title of Special Issue:

Energy, Disaster, Climate Change: Sustainability and Just Transitions in Bangladesh

Guest Editors:

Joyashree Roy (, Bangabandhu Chair Professor, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

Sheikh Tawhidul Islam (, Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh. 

Indrajit Pal (, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand. 



Framing 21st century economic growth agenda to achieve human wellbeing is especially challenging for late comers in development process compared to those experienced during past centuries. As of now, in the South Asian Region, Bangladesh is the fastest growing economy. In 2015 the country entered into the Lower Middle-Income Country group as per World Bank’s classification and it aspires to reach developed country status by 2041. The country is moving through a rapid transition phase in multiple sectors to attain transformative change in the next two decades. Going by the historical antecedents from around the Asian region it appears achievable technologically and economically. How justice and fairness issues are combined constrained by environmental imperatives is at the centre of the scientific debate globally as well as regionally. 

However, how far Asian historical antecedents can guide future growth pattern is much in debate in this century. Challenges of 21st Century fast growing economies are unique as global common goal of sustainable growth is an accepted paradigm for all these countries. In this connection, committed expenditure on energy infrastructure and likely growth in investment centered around the energy sector is growing in multiple directions. However, fundamental need is to make the energy sector sustainable, secure and resilient as it holds the lifeline of economic and social growth within planetary boundaries. Climate change induced challenges and natural disaster threats to the countries in the region especially along the coasts of Bay of Bengal make it especially complex. Our aim, in this context, is to situate sustainable energy transition of Bangladesh in the context of national economic growth aspiration, responses to climate risk, disaster risk and dynamics of regional cooperation and global common good goal.

Thematic Areas:

The Bangabandhu Chair Special issue thematic areas will include but not limited to: 

  • Sustainability Transitions and Justice

  • Energy Security, Access, Sustainability, Trade, New Emerging Trends in Supply and Demand

  • Energy Infrastructure

  • Energy and Society

  • Gender Perspectives of Energy, Disasters and Climate Change

  • INDC

  • Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Action

  • Regional Issues and Cooperation, Trade, Conflict in Energy, Disaster Response, Climate Action

  • Scenario Building

  • Pathways for Sustainable Development

  • Energy Sector in the Aftermath of Pandemic 

The submissions can be full Research Papers, Scientific Commentary, Case Study, Literature Review, Policy Review, Method/Framing paper. Preference will be given to the submissions with a focus on Bangladesh and/or relevance in the context of Bangladesh.

Open Access and Publication Fee Waiver:

Bangabandhu Chair Special Issue of the International Energy Journal will be published as Open Access on Scopus. Published articles will be available for free globally for download and share for everyone. Open Access and Publication fees will be supported by Bangabandhu Chair Professor Endowment fund at AIT, Thailand. No submission and processing fee will be charged to authors from any country.

Important Dates:


1 August 2020

Submission of Full Manuscript

1 September 2020

Review Comments

15 September 2020

Correction and Revised Paper Submission

20 October 2020


Guidelines for Article Submission:

  1. Articles can be submitted via Email at Submissions must be in both MS Word and PDF file.

  2. Authors are requested to follow theIEJ Author Guidelines at this link

  3. The paper template is available in MS Word file at the link above. Authors are advised to use the template for their articles.

  4. IMPORTANT note: Authors should submit along with the article a cover note or letter indicating that the submission is for the IEJ Special Issue on "Energy, Disaster, Climate Change: Sustainability and Just Transitions in Bangladesh".

Instructions for Commentaries

 Commentaries should present in-depth analysis of current issues such as policy, Energy, Disaster, Climate Change, Sustainability, Just Transitions and or topics listed in the announcement. Commentaries should not exceed 3000 words total (including abstract, main text, references and figure legends). They should have a short title, an abstract of 50 words or less, no more than 25 references, and one or two figures (with figure legends) or tables.

 Manuscripts for Commentary articles should be divided into the following sections:

  • Title
  • Authors’ Names and Affiliations
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Supporting Information (if any)
  • Acknowledgements (optional)
  • Funding (optional)
  • References

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