A Study on Domestic Energy Consumption in Rural, Semi-urban and Urban Sectors of JorhatDistrict: Assam

Reeta Sharma, M.C Bora, D.J. Bhattacharyee


The energy consumption pattern of rural, semi-urban and urban domestic sectors of Jorhat district of Assam was examined. Rural sector was so chosen that 100%of the households used fuelwood as cooking fuel and kerosene as space lighting fuel. The per capita fuelwood consumption was found to be 8.531GJ/year and that of kerosene per capita was found to be 0.270 GJ/year. In semi-urban sector, the households use fuelwood and LPG as cooking fuel with kerosene and electricity as space light fuels. The per capita consumption of fuelwood in this sector was found to be0.682GJ/year while the kerosene per capita was estimated as 0.278 GJ/year. In the urban households, consumption per capita was estimated as: LPG 1.903 GJ/year, kerosene 0.332GJ/year and electricity 0.623 GJ/year. The urban households used LPG and kerosene as cooking fuels with electricity and kerosene as space fuels.

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