Energy Resources and Consumption in Fiji: An Overview

Surendra Prasad


Fiji has always relied on imported petroleum products for all its transportation needs as well as for electricity generation and industrial uses. Since 1983, the major island of Viti Levu has been provided with electricity from a hydroelectric power station. Energy for domestic cooking and heating has been dominated by biomass which has also provided energy to four sugar mills in Fiji through bagasse, the waste product of the sugar producing process. Biomass also provides energy for commercial, industrial and agricultural use. The major energy sources are biomass, hydropower and petroleum products.

            This paper presents an overview of the energy situation in Fiji. The current supply and end uses of energy in all its forms are examined and the historical trends over the last 15 years are detailed. The locally available resources and imported energy are put in their proper perspective along with the energy consumption pattern and efficiency of generation.

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