The Sustainable Processes for Production of Biomass Derived Fuels in China

Chang Jie


As an energy source that is highly productive, renewable, carbon neutral, and easy to store and transport, biomass has drawn worldwide attention. The governments of some developed countries are promoting the utilization of bioenergy through action plans and favorable policies. There are abundant biomass resources in China. It is urgently needed to develop and utilize modern bioenergy technologies in China. The status quo and trends of bioenergy technologies at home and abroad are reviewed in this paper. According to the characteristics of the situation, resources and geography of China, the author puts forward some suggestions for the strategy and policies of bioenergy development in China. In their opinion, the government should draft action plans and favorable policies to promote the development of the technology for liquid fuels and chemicals production technologies from biomass in the future.


Biofuel, biomass, conversion, China

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