Review of State Electricity Boards and Indian Energy Sector: A Case Study

Rudra Rameshwar, Rajat Agrawal, Mukesh Kumar Pathak


Energy is one of the important inputs for economic progress of a country. Power generation is a key parameter in the development of recent economies and the augmentation of productivity. The main objective of the present paper is to review; compare the performance of SEB’s and effect on energy sector in India. The paper discusses the more important of the problem areas holding up significant economic gains that could be realized through cost reductions, operation of market forces, needed levels of investments and targeting of resources to promote equitable growth. The slow rate of progress is a matter for concern. The state governments were unenthusiastic and conflicting to the unbundling of electricity boards, but according to the power research and recent studies, restructuring has improved the performance of these boards. The present research paper concludes with few case studies of unbundling of SEBs in India.


Energy, energy efficiency, peak demand, peak met, SEBs.

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