Developing Future Substation Automation Strategies: Selecting Appropriate IEDs and Developing New Applications

Mladen Kezunovic, Tomo Popovic


The aim of this paper is to introduce two important issues when selecting new Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) as a part of the substation automation system implementation, namely theevaluation means and new applications. For the evaluation purposes, several digital simulatorapplications are discussed together with the benefits obtained by utilizing the simulators. The evaluation of the IEDs prior to the purchase as well as in the field is described. Regarding implementation of new functions, the importance of the concept of data integration and information exchange is elaborated. It is pointed out that most of the new applications require unconventional use of data and information to yield specific benefits, which will justify the use of substation automation systems. The scope of the paper is restricted to discussion of various methodologies andgeneric tools and it is not aimed at discussing specific commercial products or services. In conclusion, the paper points out that the use of advanced IEDs and substation automation systems requires significantly different approach in evaluating and implementing the new solutions.

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